2019 Personnel Information Sheet & Work Questionnaire

Please complete this form to be considered for work at commencements and other events with After Image Visual Services in 2019. All information provided is kept confidential. If you have any questions, please email us at info@gradphotos.biz or call (208) 882-5594. You will also need to come by the office to complete a W-9 or W-4 (depending on whether you are a contractor or employee) AND an I-9 prior to your first date of work unless these are already on file for you.

Personal Information
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Work Questionnaire - Background
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There is a lot of temporary office work doing graduation processing in May and June. Are you interested in more info on this work? *
Work Questionnaire - Event Availability & Position Preference
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Work Questionnaire - Office Availability and Position Preference (OPTIONAL)
Days Available
What type of office work are you interested in?
1 being not comfortable, 5 being very knowledgeable.
Some of our events can be longer days.
Position Preference at Events
Photographer Position Preference (if applicable)
Helper Position Preference (if applicable)
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